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FERC Testimonials

May 20, 2014

"I love the poster presentation format: some of my papers were published also because experienced scholars stopped in front of my posters and provided invaluable guidance at FERC."

Salvatore Sciascia
Università IULM - Milano

"I consider attending FERC conferences an essential part of my scholarly activities. All aspects of the conference- the consortium, the keynote speeches, the practitioner round-tables, the scholarly program are professionally developmental and thought-provoking. I have found FERC attendees encouraging, supportive, and a resource for feedback, especially since we do not have other family business scholars at my university. And every year the conference gets better!"

Manisha Singal
Pamplin College of Business
Virginia Tech University

"FERC was crucial for my career development. It gave me the opportunity to interact and create strong bonds with many top family business scholars, initiate new research projects with FERC participants, and get great valuable feedback about my work from many colleagues. The relaxed atmosphere and friendly environment of FERC enable all of us to gain a lot both from a professional and personal point of view. Thank you all for organizing this event year by year."

Francesco Chirico, PhD
Associate Professor
Jonkoping International Business School
Center for Family Enterprise and Ownership - CeFEO
Jonkoping, Sweden

"What FERC has done for me is let me meet some wonderful people from around the world who are truly focused on family business research. Many of these people I would have never met at any other meeting in management or entrepreneurship. Several of these individuals I have now written with or have contributed to books that I have edited. The best thing about FERC is the network of colleagues."

Alan L. Carsrud, Ph.D., Ec.D. (hc)
Carsrud & Associates, Consultants to Entrepreneurs & Family Firms
Visiting Research Professor, Abo Akademi University
Associate Editor, Journal of Small Business Management.

"FERC is a very democratic forum where you can meet a community of passionate and serious family business scholars and have fruitful discussions about research ideas in a very collegial spirit. It offers a great opportunity for constructive feedback, for networking and for getting in touch with practitioners and family business owners as well. It is one of the family business conferences that I always try to attend."

Alfredo De Massis,
Director of the Centre for Family Business, IEED,
Lancaster University Management School, U.K.

"FERC focuses on the development of family business research. The conversations that take place when displaying collaborative work allow for ideas to get challenged, discussed and advanced. Nearly finished papers, work-in-progress or even an emerging perspective around family business research benefits tremendously from such an engagement. It is an experience that enriches your work and helps forge lasting relationships in academia."

Allan Discua Cruz, PhD.
Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
Lancaster University Management School, UK

"Attending FERC has been extremely useful to connect with family business scholars and to get constructive feedback on my research. The poster format and the pitch competition of practitioner focused papers are the two things that make FERC unique as well as extremely helpful for developing theoretically sound, empirically rigorous and practically useful knowledge about family firms."

Josip Kotlar,
Lecturer in Family Business,
Lancaster University Management School

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