University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

FERC Past Conferences - 2010

Cancun, Mexico

April 16-18, 2010


  • Alan Carsrud, Ryerson University, Canada
  • Pat Cole, Nova Southeastern University, USA
  • Kit Johnson, Capella University, USA
  • Antonio Morfin, Anahuac Universidad, Mexico
  • Mauricio Alvarez, Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico
  • Pramodita Sharma, Concordia University, Canada


  • 109 attendees from twenty-one nations were in attendance.
  • 93 proposals were submitted; 80 were accepted for presentation. The work of over 140 authors was presented.
  • 6 FOBI winners, FFIs Best Dissertation Award winner, and 8 scholars presented their 2009 award winning work at the conference
  • Keynote speakers and panelists included Juan Domingo Beckman Legorreta (Casa Cuervo, makers of Jose Cuervo Tequila), Carmen Bianchi (San Diego State University), W.Gibb Dyer Jr. (Brigham Young University), Salo Grabinsky (CEO, Grabinsky, Alvarez & Associates), Judy Green (Family Firm Institute), James Olan Hutcheson (President, ReGeneration Partners), Maria Dolores Moreno (Lansberg, Gersick, & Associates)
  • The Best Paper Awards sponsored by MCS Financial Advisors were presented by Michael C. Stalker.
    • First Place winners ($2000) were Manisha Singal and Vijay Singal (Virginia Tech University) for their paper entitled “Family Control and Concentrated Ownership: What Determines Firm Value? Evidence from India”.
    • Second place winners ($1000) were Kirby Rosplock (GenSpring Family Offices), Dianne Welsh (University of North Carolina, Greensboro), Juan Roure and Juan Luis Segurado (IESE Business School) for their paper entitled “From the Family Business to the Family Office: Understanding the Development and Management of the Family’s Investment, Other Ventures and Services”.
    • Third place winners ($500) were Peter Jaskiewicz (University of Alberta) and Klaus Uhlenbruck (University of Montana & European Business School) for their paper entitled “The relationship between Boards and Firm Performance: An Agency & Resource Dependence Theory Analysis of Family Business”.
  • Allison Pearson (Chair, Mississippi State University), Mauricio D. Alvarez (Universidad de Monterrey), Carmen Bianchi (San Diego State University), Judy Green (Family Firm Institute), Frank Hoy (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) served as the FERC Best Poster Award committee
  • FERC Doctoral Awards ($500 each) sponsored by the Family Enterprise USA were presented by Ann Kinkade to:
    • Neus Feliu (ESADE Business School, Spain) for her article entitled – Family Knowledge Homogeneity and Product Innovation: The Role of Non-Family Members
    • Frances Gunn (Open University, UK, Ryerson University, Canada) for her article entitled – How does strategic learning occur in small retain family firms?
    • Corinna Lindow (HHL, Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany) for her article entitle – The Concept of Fit in Strategic Management – Review in the family firm context
    • Alexandra Joseph (HEC, France) and Maria Jose Parada (ESADE Business School, Spain) for their article entitled – Sustaining Competitive Advantage in a World of Giants: The case of family firms in the pharmaceutical industry
    • D’Lisa N. McKee and Shanan R. Litchfield (Mississippi State University, USA) for their article entitled – Family Organizational Identity: Multiple Identities in the Family Business
  • The Loretta Rogers Young Research Scholar in Family Business ($3000+ inclusive of travel costs to present the winning research at Ryerson University) was presented by Alan Carsrud to Corrina Lindow (HHL, Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany)
  • 2010 FOBI 25k scholarships (4@$5000 each, 2@$2500 each) sponsored by the Grand Valley State University were presented by Dean James Williams and Paul Mudde to:
    • Richard L. Gottschall, Alexandra Dawson, and Pramodita Sharma (Concordia University-Canada) for their proposal entitled: Human Capital Impacts on Innovation in Entrepreneurial Family Firms
    • David Hanisch and Sabine B. Klein (European Business School & WHU-Germany) for their proposal entitled: Contextualizing Organizational Boundary Issues: Management Consulting in Family Businesses.
    • Jayanth Jayaram, Jaideep Motwani, and Mita Dixit (University of South Carolina & Grand Valley State University-USA) for their proposal entitled: A Case Study Analysis of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Strategies of Small and Medium Enterprise Family Owned Businesses in India.
    • Torsten M. Pieper, Rebecca M. Guidice, and Neal P. Mero (Kennesaw State University-USA) for their proposal entitled: Toward a Theory of Accountability in Family Business.
    • Tim Hasso (Bond University-Australia) for his proposal entitled: Inherent Family Business Brand Equity and Consumers’ Product Preferences.
    • Francesco Barbera (Bond University- Australia) for his proposal entitled: Allocative Differences in Production: An Investigation into the Productivity of Family Firms.
  • Round Table meetings with the following journal editors were held:
    • Alan Carsrud, SI Co-Editor - Journal of Information & Knowledge Management Systems
    • Sharon Danes, Patricia Cole, Kit Johnson, SI Co-Editors - Journal of Marital and Family Therapy
    • Pramodita Sharma, Editor - Family Business Review
    • Lloyd Steier & Tom Lumpkin, SI Co-Editors - Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal
    • Alan Carsrud, Associate Editor - Journal of Small Business Management
    • Antonio Morfin - Anahuac Business & Economics Journal
  • FERC leadership transition – Pramodita Sharma (Concordia University) and Mark Green (Family Business Consulting Group) - co-founders who served as co-Presidents of FERC from 2005 handed over the leadership baton to Frank Hoy (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) and Allison Pearson (Mississippi State University)


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