University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

FERC Past Conferences - 2009

Winnipeg, Canada

April 24-26, 2009


  • Reg Litz, Univeristy of Manitoba, Canada
  • Allison Pearson, Mississippi State University, USA


  • 88 attendees from 11 nations and four different continents were in attendance.
  • 54 manuscripts and proposals were accepted for presentation
  • 6 FOBI and FFI award winning papers from 2008 were presented
  • 18 manuscripts were authored or co-authored with doctoral students
  • Keynote speakers included Charles Loewen (Loewen Windows), Ken Goodpaster (University of St. Thomas), Sanjay Sharma (Concordia University) and Ron Mitchell (Texas Tech University). Sunday morning panel discussants included Jim Chrisman, Mississippi State University, Carmen Bianchi (President, FFI & EMC Business Forum, San Diego State University), Manisha Singal (Virginia Tech University), Jeff Pollack, (Virginia Commonwealth University) and Nathan Greidanus (University of Manitoba)
  • The Best Paper Award ($2000) sponsored by Laird Norton Tyee was presented by Rich Simmonds to Sharon Danes (University of Minnesota) and Patricia Hedberg (University of St. Thomas) for their paper entitled “Explorations of the Power Relationship Between Business-Owning Couples: Managing Decisions Through Collaborative Power Interactions."
  • Three Honorable Mention Awards were presented to:
    • Thomas M. Zellweger (Univ. of St. Gallen), Franz W. Kellermanns, James J. Chrisman (both at Mississippi State University), Jess H. Chua (Univ. of Calgary) for their paper entitled “Family Firm Valuation By Family CEOs: The Role of Socioemotional Value."
    • Manisha Singal and Vijay Singal (both at Virginia Tech Univ.) for their paper entitled “Interest Alignment and CEO Compensation in Family Controlled Firms."
    • Anna Blombäck (Jönköping International Business School) and Caroline Wigren (Lund University) for their paper entitled “What if it is Not Family That Makes a Difference? Reinterpreting Findings on Family Business and CSR."
  • Becky Reuber (University of Toronto), Frank Hoy (University of Texas at El Paso), and Trish Reay (University of Alberta) served as the FERC Best Poster Award committee
  • The publication linkage for FERC 09 is the special issue of Business Ethics Quarterly: Stakeholder theory, Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility & Family Enterprise
    • Bradley R. Agle, University of Pittsburgh
    • James J. Chrisman, Mississippi State University
    • Ronald K. Mitchell, Texas Tech University
    • Laura J. Spence, Brunel University
  • Four manuscripts were selected for the FERC Publication Workshop hosted by the BEQ SI editorial team.
    • Esra Memili and John Shaw, “Stakeholder Perspective on Nonfamily Employees’ Perceptions of Justice in Family Firms”.
    • John. B. Bingham, W. Gibb Dyer Jr., Gregory Adams, Isaac Smith, “A Stakeholder Approach to Corporate Social Performance in Family Firms”.
    • Rebecca G. Long, K. Michael Mathews, “The Essence of Family Business Ethics “.
    • Sanjay Goel, Rosa Nelly Trevinyo-Rodriguez, “Why Should We Be Philanthropic? – A Framework of Philanthropic Inclination Among Family Businesses”.
  • The first-ever FERC Doctoral Scholarships ($500 each) sponsored by the Family Enterprise USA were presented by Ann Kinkade to:
    • Jeremy Funk, University of Manitoba, “Got Family? The Influence of “Family” Identity on Customer Loyalty”.
    • Nathan Greidanus, University of Calgary, “An Exploration of Corporate Venturing Goals Within the Family Firm”.
    • Albert E. James, University of Alberta, “Another Wrinkle on the Family Business Performance Question: Comparing First and Subsequent Generations Firms”.
    • John E. Neff, Case Western Reserve, “Constructing a Definition of and Portfolio Mode of Family Business Success”.
    • Christian Niedermeyer, European Business School, “The Role of Family Influence in the Sale Process- A Qualitative Study of Family Business Sales”.
  • 2009 FOBI 25k scholarships ($5000 each) sponsored by the Grand Valley State University were presented by Tom Schwarz and Shorouq Almallah to:
    • Francesco Chirico (University of Lugano) and Carlo Salvato (Bocconi University). Dynamic Capabilities in Family Firms. A Knowledge-based Approach.
    • Sonia Dalmia & Nancy Levenburg (Grand Valley State University). The Succession Process: An Examination of Perceptions from Stakeholders' Perspective.
    • Reginald A. Litz (University of Manitoba). The House of: When Family Businesses and Business Families Rise, Stand, Fall and Rise Again.
    • Esra Memili, Kaustav Misra, and James Chrisman (Mississippi State University). Non Family Managers’ Compensation in Family Firms: Tournament and Game Theory Perspectives.
    • John Perry & Timothy Pett (Wichita State University). Does Work-Family Integration or Segmentation work Better? Evidence from Family Businesses.


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