University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

FERC Past Conferences - 2008

Milwaukee, WI, USA

April 18-20


  • Alex Steward, Marquette University, USA


  • 84 attendees from 11 nations were present
  • 38 proposals were accepted for presentation
  • Keynote speakers and panelists included Dean Fowler (Dean Fowler Associates), Judy Green (Family Firm Institute), Ed A. Fallone (Marquette University), Michael Hitt (Texas A&M), Frank Hoy (University of Texas at El Paso), Ann Kinkade (University of Wisconsin), Michael J. Klinker (Law Partner, Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek), Leif Melin (Jonkoping International Business School), Ann S. Miner (University of Wisconsin), Danilyn Rutherford (University of Chicago), William Schulze (University of Utah), Pramodita Sharma (Wilfrid Laurier University), Ritch Sorenson (University of St. Thomas), Rosa Nelly Treviño-Rodríguez (Instituto Technologico de Estudios Superioers de Monterrey)
  • The Best Paper Award ($2000) sponsored by Laird Norton Tyee was presented by Rich Simmonds to Francesco Chirico , University of Lugano and Carlo Salvato , Bocconi University. "Antecedents of commitment entrapment to the failing founder's family business."
  • Two Honorable Mention Awards were presented to:
    • Marylèné Gagne and Stéphanie Brun de Pontet , Concordia University, Canada. "Subjective well being among family business leaders nearing succession: The role of goal adjustment and work motivation."
    • Franz Kellermanns , Mississippi State University, Kim Eddleston , Northeastern University, and Thomas Zelleweger , University of St. Gallens. "Family harmony: A facilitator of corporate entrepreneurship in family firms."
  • Jane Hilburt-Davis, Becky Reuber, Tom Lumpkin and Bill Schulze served as the FERC Best Poster Award committee
  • The publication linkage for FERC 08 is the Volume 12 of Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth; Theme: Entrepreneurship & Family Business;
    • Alex Stewart , Marquette University
    • G. Thomas Lumpkin , Texas Tech University
    • Jerome Katz , Saint Louis University
  • 2008 FOBI 30k scholarships ($5000 each) sponsored by the Grand Valley State University were presented by Tom Schwarz to:
    • Lucy F. Ackert, Ann B.Gillette, Torsten M. Pieper , Kennesaw State University. "Family Ties: For Love or Money?"
    • William Gibb Dyer , Brigham Young University and William Justin Dyer , University of Illinois." The Impact of Family Business Ownership and Management on Families"
    • Sanjay Goel , University of Minnesota. "Stakeholder Management, Ethical Behavior, and Performance of Family Businesses: A Systems View"
    • G. Thomas Lumpkin , Texas Tech University and Wendy L Martin , Trinity International University." To Develop a Family Orientation Scale"
    • Vijay Singal and Manisha Singal , Virginia Tech University. "Interest Alignment and CEO Compensation in Family Controlled Firms"
    • Sridhar Sundaram , Grand Valley State University. "Effects of Hedge Fund Investment in Founding Family Controlled Firms"


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