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Practice Cases, Resources and Judging Criteria:

To better help you prepare for the 2014 Family Enterprise Case Competition, please find several practice cases below as well as several resources which you may find helpful in your preparations.

Assorted family business cases for download:

Family Business Case resources:

Guidance on judging criteria:

In terms of judging criteria or what the judges are asked to look for in each case - varies a bit based on the cases we get/use. And, cases may range from those that require an organization development approach (require a plan for discovery and personal engagement of key players), to those that necessitate the focus on the family systems (requiring analysis of the family dynamics and functionality), to those that require a general management or strategic management approach (require a plan of action using the individual, company and contextual data).

However, in general, here is what the judges look for in a great analysis and presentation:

  • Awareness of the protagonist and the protagonists' perspective
  • Identification of the issue/s both on family and business dimensions as informed by solid analysis
  • Identification of the alternatives and the criteria by which those alternatives would be evaluated
  • Specification of a recommendation and the rationale associated with that recommendation
  • Consideration of implementation - who, what, when, where, how and what if
  • A sharp, succinct presentation and thoughtful, clear and pragmatic response to the questions raised by judges.

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