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FECC Guidelines

Format and rules are currently being reviewed and may be subject to change for 2015.

Competition Overview

At the opening luncheon on Wednesday January 7th 2015 from 11:45 AM to 1:30 PM, using a random draw, all competing teams will be placed in a Division.

Teams in each Division will compete against each other in:

  • Round 1: Pre-Arrival case
  • Round 2: Two "Controlled timed cases".
    • These cases will be handed out just before each preparation time period during the competition
    • Each team will have 4 hours to prepare their analysis, recommendations, and presentation
    • Each team will get 20 minutes to present followed by 10 minutes of Q & A by the judges

Divisional winners will compete in the final controlled timed case for the UVM Family Enterprise Cup on Saturday January 10th 2015.

All cases used in this competition will focus on dynamics unique to family enterprises. All cases will be new. A separate Case Writing Competition is being conducted by UVM to select these cases.

Team Composition & Participation

  • Each team will be composed of four members – three students and one coach / advisor.
  • All three students must be enrolled in either an undergraduate or a master’s program at the sponsoring institution.
  • For FECC 2015, there will only be three student team members per team, with no alternates. All three students are expected to prepare, participate, and present during each case. If a student isn't able to compete, the team may compete with only two student members without being disqualified.

Round 1 - Pre-Arrival Case Preparation

The Pre-Arrival case will be sent to all teams ten days before the competition. All teams are expected to prepare the case prior to arriving in Burlington and come prepared to present their analysis and recommendations on the first day of the competition. Please bring 5 copies of the presentation slide deck (and any additional handouts) to give to the judges at the start of your presentation.

Round 2 - Divisional Round Robin

This part of the competition consists of two controlled timed cases that will take place on January 8th and 9th, 2015 (Thursday and Friday). The following rules will apply:

  • Each team of three students will be given four hours to read, analyze and prepare a presentation of their conclusions with supporting rationale.
  • Teams are not permitted to communicate or collaborate with anyone besides their other two team members during the preparation time in their designated preparation rooms.
  • Team coach is not permitted in the case preparation room.
  • No internet access is permitted while preparing and delivering cases during this round of the competition.  Smart phones are not permitted in the preparation rooms and need to be turned over to event organizers or left in team member rooms away from the competition.
  • At the end of the four hours, teams will be required to hand over a provided USB storage key with a copy of their Microsoft PowerPoint presentation file.   Teams are also permitted to save a version of their slide deck intended to be printed for the judges on the same storage device.  This file version MUST include in capital letters ‘JUDGES COPY’ in the PowerPoint file name. 
  • Teams will be presenting their case analysis to judges shortly after the case preparation time.  All presentations must be in English.
  • Printed and bound English language translation books are permitted.  No electronic dictionaries are permitted. 

The following materials will be allowed in the case preparation room:

  • Notepads, flip charts and any type of blank paper.
  • Writing devices such as pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, chalk.
  • A PC provided by the competition organizers with Windows 7 and Office 2010 installed (network connectivity will be disabled).  A USB mouse will also be provided.
  • A USB key to be used to store final versions of PowerPoint presentations. 
  • Copies of the case to be analyzed (will be provided by the competition organizers).
  • Non-Electronic English Translation dictionaries.

Materials NOT permitted in case preparation rooms:

  • Smart phones, cell phones, PDAs or electronic devices (including electronic language translation devices – only paper English language translation books are permitted).
  • Programmable Calculators.  The provided laptop will have MS Excel and the Windows 7 Calculator accessory application.
  • Any books, notes, pre-marked papers or any other non-competition provided documentation.

Round 3 - Finals

Winners of each Division will compete for the UVM Family Enterprise Case Cup on Saturday January 10th 2015.

Presentation format and rules are the same as for Round 2, with the exception that teams will only have three hours of preparation time in the final round.

Presentation Time & Rules

  • 20 minutes presentation time
    • Event coordinators will hold up signs indicating when 5 minutes and 1 minute remain for the presentation.
    • Teams will be permitted to finish their sentence when time expires but this sentence cannot last more than 30 seconds.
  • 10 minutes judges questions
    • Immediately following the presentation, judges will open a round of questions that will last up to 10 minutes. 

Presentations will be staggered over the day and presentation times will be randomly selected by the event coordinators.  Presentation times for teams will be published in the final schedule distributed at or just before the event.

Presentation devices through the case competition will be running Windows 7 with Microsoft Office 2010.  Presentation files MUST be submitted electronically to the UVM competition coordinators before noon of the first day of the competition. Presentation files MUST be in the .pptx format readable for a Windows 7 PC running Office 2010.  Teams will be expected to have a copy of their presentation on a USB key for this first Pre-Arrival Case.

Additional Rules/Comments:

  • No wireless presentation devices will be permitted.  Teams will be expected to advance their slides using the key board and mouse attached to the presentation workstation.
  • Presentation mode (Extended Desktop) will not be supported by the presentation devices.  Dedicated workstations in some of the presentation rooms will not support extended desktop so this feature will not be enabled for any workstations throughout the competition.

Presentation rooms will be equipped with a digital projector and a designated PC running Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. 

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