University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

2nd Annual Family Enterprise Case Competition
Call For Cases

Due Date: October 30, 2013

The University of Vermont (UVM) Family Enterprise Case Writing Competition is pleased to invite submissions of original family enterprise case studies. The purpose of the invitation is to generate unpublished and new family enterprise case studies to be used during the 2014 UVM Family Enterprise Case Competition (FECC) scheduled January 8 - 11, 2014.

Click below for the 2014 FECC Call for Cases flyer:


Anyone is welcome to submit a case except individuals involved in the training, coaching and other preparation of students participating in the competition.


Aimed at both undergraduate and master's students, the cases and associated material must:

  • Concentrate on the area of family enterprise with suggested issues such as transgenerational entrepreneurship, succession planning, governance, non-family members as key employees, family crises, next-generation issues, sibling relations, professionalization of a family enterprise,
  • Be based on either field research or research from secondary sources describing a recent situation in an actual business. Some details may be altered slightly if necessary to obtain authorization from the organization to release the case for usage in this competition,
  • Be submitted in electronic format (.docx file) with a limit of 20 pages of narrative text, double spaced (maximum 5,000 words total) and no more than 30 pages when including financials, family trees, organization charts and other appendices (case text not permitted in the appendices), and
  • Include a brief (maximum 5 pages) teaching note and suggested evaluative rubric explaining the key issues, teaching objectives and evaluative elements.
  • That you are not affiliated in any way with a team that will be competing in the competition,
  • All submitted cases must be original and have not been used anywhere else before,
  • Finally, the company the case is based upon must give you permission to use the case for the purpose of FECC.

Click below for the 2014 Call for Cases application form:

  • Each selected case shall be awarded a prize of US $1,500

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