University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

Advanced Special Topics

BSAD 395, 2014 FA

Class Type: Laboratory
Credits: 1-3

Course Overview:

Topics and material that may develop later into a regular course offering; in addition, it may include topics and material offered only once.


MBA or MAcc/ACCT standing; Required course specific fee of $20; Degree students only even after level restrictions removed; CE students register for BSAD 395 ZR

Section Schedule for FA2014:
  • Stephen Dempsey, Ph.D. - Section: A
    Special Title: Financial Statement Analysis
    Meets: 325 Kalkin 11:30-12:45 TR.
  • Julia Walberg, MS - Section: B - On-line Syllabus
    Special Title: Professional Communications
    Meets: 102 Aiken 12:50-3:50 F.