University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

Special Topics

BSAD 195, 2015 FA

Class Type: Lecture
Credits: 1-6

Course Overview:

Specialized or experimental courses offered as resources permit.


Prerequisites and restrictions are determined by instructor; Required course specific fee of $20; Degree students only even after level restrictions removed; CE students register for BSAD 195

Section Schedule for FA2015:
  • Rocki-Lee DeWitt, Ph.D. - Section: A
    Special Title: Leadership
    Meets: 322 Kalkin 8:00-9:15 MW.
  • David Jones, Ph.D. - Section: B
    Special Title: Corporate Social Responsibility
    Meets: 002 Kalkin 11:40-12:55 TR.
  • Stuart Hart, Ph.D - Section: C
    Special Title: Business Strategy for a Sustainable World
    Meets: 002 1:15-4:15 TR.