University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

Political Envir of Business

BSAD 132, 2016 SP

Class Type: Lecture
Credits: 3

Course Overview:

Explore the rationale for government interaction with business. Analyze (1) business, and the broader society's demand for public policy, as well as (2) the political institutions that supply public policy in both domestic and international contexts.


Prereq: MATH 019 or MATH 021, EC 011, EC 012, STAT 141, BSAD 060; BSAD, CSIS, EMGT majors or BSAD minors only; Minimum Junior Standing; Required Course specific fee of $20; Degree students only even after level restrictions removed; CDE students register for BSAD 132 ZRA.

Section Schedule for SP2016:

No Sections of Course Political Envir of Business have yet been scheduled for the semester SP2016.