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Where Will SEMBA Take Me?

The SEMBA curriculum prepares you to be an intrapreneur or as an entrepreneur. The job opportunities and career path and varied and numerous.

In their 2013 State of the Profession report, John Davies and the editors of GrenBiz mention that a surge of interest around sustainability and profitability took place some 8 years ago when both Walmart and GE came out publically with strategic business goals around sustainability and its opportunities. Walmart established goals to be supplied 100 percent by renewable energy, create zero waste, and sell products that sustain people and the environment. The company led others as it exercised its significant supply chain leverage to accomplish many of its goals, encouraging suppliers to reduce packaging and improve products. General Electric launched its ecomagination marketing initiative, which included corporate goals for both revenue increases and emissions reductions linked to sustainability-related products and processes. Everybody paid attention when these blue-blood behemoths of the traditional business establishment starting to talk sustainability. Though many critics dismissed these announcements as only a PR campaign, the fact is that mainstream business started to look more seriously at reinventing themselves in a more sustainable manner. And that has been very good for individuals that understand both how to run a business profitably and how to do it by following a sustainable model. John Davies, et al, write that "the total number of companies that have a full-time sustainability manager continues to increase" and that "the role of dedicated sustainability professionals within the corporation is becoming more associated with value creation and not just a cost to be managed." A role that becomes much more strategic and central.

And then you have the myriad of opportunities that as an entrepreneur you can exploit. For example, below is a table showing the sustainability-related topics shareholders and investors have been asking companies about (source: Ernst & Young and GreenBiz Group, Six growing trends in corporate sustainability):

The list above represent a set of terrific opportunities for existing business to reduce risk and find sources of new income but also for entrepreneurs to develop new ventures to help existing businesses address these issues.

The number of jobs requiring people to think out of the box, to see that this is not business as usual is increasing. As the GreenBiz reports states "those involved in leading sustainability efforts have an immense and nimble curiosity, able to immerse themselves in a wide range of new issues and topics as they arise, whether from inside the organization or from outside. They are willing and able to traverse uncharted territory and shifting circumstances, all the while interpreting the current state of affairs to others, and watching the horizon for the unexpected." The SEMBA curriculum will give these skill prepares you for these job opportunities. And these job opportunities - building sustainable business and enterprises that will change the way we do business -- are increasing.

There is no doubt in our mind, that whether your interest is to be an intrapreneur or an entrepreneur, SEMBA will take you places. Give us a year. Together, we'll reinvent the way we do business.

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