University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

FERC Past Conferences - 2006

Niagara Falls, Canada

April 28-30, 2006


  • Pramodita Sharma
  • Simon Taggar
  • Sofy Craayannopoulos
  • Steve Farlow


  • 54 received articles were reviewed by the 55 review board members (in 2005, we received 25 proposals and review board comprised of 33 members).
  • 109 colleagues were in attendance in Niagara Falls (compared to 55 attendees in 2005).
  • Scholars from 18 nations representing 5 continents participated in the conference.
  • Keynote speakers, Panelists and Discussants included Joe Astrachan, Ray Bagby, Jim Chrisman, Mark Green, Frank Hoy, Matti Koiranen, Mike Lubatkin, Bill Schulze, Lloyd Steier, Pramodita Sharma, Alex Stewart, and David Waldman.
  • The Best Paper Award was presented toYannick Bammens, Wim Voordeckers, and Anita Van Gils for their article entitled: "Effective corporate governance in terms of trust and control: A dynamic view of family firm"s
  • Two Honorable Mention Awards were presented toSharon M.Danes, Johnben Teik-Cheok Loy, and Kathryn Stafford for their article entitled: "Family Business Success: Differences in Female- and Male-owned businesses" and Michael D. Ensley, Allison W. Pearson, & Shruti R.Sardeshmukh for their article entitled: "The negative consequences of pay dispersion in family and non-family top management teams"
  • Many presenters reworked their papers considerably based on the feedback from reviewers and expressed much appreciation for their time and valuable suggestions.
  • Sessions were generally well received leading to exciting discussions.
  • Articles that received high ratings (5 points or higher out of possible 7) from both reviewers were invited to be revised for the special issue of Journal of Business Research special FERC issue . Jim Chrisman, Pramodita Sharma, and Simon Taggar are JBR Special Issue Co-Editors.

For detailed information about Family Influences on Firms, please visit: Science Direct


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