University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

FERC Past Conferences - 2013

Viña del Mar, Chile

Dates: May 17 to 19, 2013

Host University: Universidad del Desarrollo - Chile -


  • Isabel C. Botero, University of Kentucky Gatton School of Business and Economics, USA
  • Claudio Müller V., School of Economics and Business Universidad de Chile, Chile

The Organizing Committee also included:

  • Dr. Allison W. Pearson, Mississippi State University, USA
  • Dr. Pramodita Sharma, University of Vermont & Babson College, USA
  • Dr. Frank Hoy, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA
  • Dr. Alfredo De Massis, University of Bergamo, Italy

Conference Highlights:

  • 60 submissions were received from authors in 19 countries.
    • For the first time, FERC welcomed authors from Ghana, Honduras, and Argentina.
    • A record 34% of submissions were from Latin American countries.
  • 51 papers were presented.
  • 5 FOBI winners from 2012 and 2011 presented their work at FERC:
    • Family businesses on the stock exchange: a dualities-perspective.
      Börje Boers and Mattias Nordqvist from Jönköping International Business School, Sweden.
    • Merging two intersections: Exploring the role of spiritual leadership within family firms.
      Kristen Madison and Franz Kellermanns from the University of Tennessee Knoxville, USA.
    • Family capital - a solution for entrepreneurial capacity over generations?
      Ethel Brundin and Leif Melin from Jönköping International Business School, Sweden.
    • Family ownership, succession intentions, and professionalization.
      Hanqing Chevy Fang, Mississippi State University; Esra Memili, University of North Carolina Greensboro; Robert Randolph, James J. Chrisman, and Tim Barnett from Mississippi State University, USA
    • The role of family capital on impoverished household entrepreneurial performance.
      Robert Nason, David Gras, and G. Thomas Lumpkin from Syracuse University, USA
  • 78 people attended this first scholarly conference on family enterprises in Chile
  • Dr. Alan Carsrud moderated a panel on experiences from family enterprises in Latin America. The presenters were:
    • Mr. Marco Aveggio - Wiese family from Peru - Fundacion Wiese
    • Mr. Pedro Reisz - Reisz family from Chile - Reicotex Tecnologia
  • Three parallel sessions on applied topics in family firms were presented by:
    • Internationalization in family firms - Mr. Dante De Lucia, Director, Competitive Legacy LLC, Venezuela
    • Innovation in Family Firms - Dr. Alfredo De Massis - University of Bergamo Center for Young & Family Enterprise, Italy.
    • The process of the family protocol/family constitution - Dr. Gonzalo Gomez Betancourt - Family Business Director Inalde Business School, Colombia.
  • The program included a panel on Family Business Consulting that was moderated by:
    • Mr. Michael Stalker from MCS Wealth Management, USA
    • Mrs. Neus Feliu, Lansberg, Gersick & Associates, USA
  • The two keynote speakers for our conference were:
    • Dr. Belen Villalonga, Stern School of Business, New York University, USA
    • Dr. Jeanne Lafortune from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile - Escuela de Economía, Chile
  • Dr. Isabel C. Botero moderated a panel on 'Furthering your Career as a Family Business Scholar'. Panelists included:
    • Dr. Lucia Naldi - Jönköping International Business School, Sweden
    • Dr. Mattias Nordqvist - Jönköping International Business School, Sweden
    • Dr. Daniel Holt - Mississippi State University, USA
  • On the social front, FERC 2013 attendees enjoyed two cultural activities:

Awards Presented:

Awards for FERC 2013 were presented in 4 categories and were worth $35,000 USD.

Top Paper Award Winners – Sponsored by MCS Family Wealth Advisors ($1,500 each)

Presented by: Michael C. Stalker – MCS Family Wealth Advisors

  1. Family Firms and Corporate Social Responsibility: Does Firm Financial Condition Matter?
    • Manisha Singal – Virginia Tech University - USA
    • Vijay Singal – Virginia Tech University - USA
  2. The Dynamics of Virtues in Family Controlled Firms
    • Luz Elena Orozco Collazos – Universidad de los Andes - Colombia
    • Gustavo Gonzalez Couture - Universidad de los Andes - Colombia
    • Luis Diaz Matajira - Universidad de los Andes - Colombia
  3. Divorce in the family firm: The legal framework and protection of the business
    • Kajsa Haag - Jönköping International Business School - Sweden
    • Lars-Göran Sund - Jönköping International Business School - Sweden
    • Anneli Linhard - Jönköping International Business School – Sweden
  4. Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Peruvian Family Businesses: Implications for performance
    • Loreto Torres Araneda- PAD, Escuela de Direccion Universidad de Piura – Perú
    • Pablo Dominguez Estrada - PAD, Escuela de Direccion Universidad de Piura- Perú
    • Cinthya Consiglieri Alvarado - PAD, Escuela de Direccion Universidad de Piura- Perú
    • Matt Allen - Babson College - USA


Top Paper in Spanish – Sponsored by Familias Empresarias Management Consulting ($1,000)

Presented by: Fernando Cañas, Founder Familias Empresarias Management Consulting

  1. Sucesión en empresa familiar agroindustrial en Chile
    • Rodrigo González – Universidad de Chile - Chile
    • Nicole Pinaud – Universidad de Chile - Chile
    • Matthew Allen – Babson College - USA


Top Student Paper Awards – Sponsored by Business Families Foundation ($2,000 each)

Presented by: Dr. Pramodita Sharma – University of Vermont

  1. Psychological Ownership in stockholders of family firms: An understanding from Socioemotional Wealth Approach
    • María Piedad López Vergara – University of Jyväskylä – Finland & Inalde – Colombia
  2. Overcoming the Myths of Entrepreneurship: Moving towards a Communal Group Theory of Entrepreneurship
    • Onnolee Nordstrom – University of Alberta - Canada
  3. Family Ownership, Succession Intentions, and Professionalization
    • Hanqing Chevy Fang – Mississippi State University - USA
    • Esra Memili – University of North Carolina Greensboro - USA
    • Robert Randolph – Mississippi State University - USA
    • James J. Chrisman – Mississippi State University - USA
    • Tim Barnett – Mississippi State University - USA
  4. Family Ownership and Firm Performance evidence from Integrated Latin American Stock Market
    • Claudio Müller – Universidad de Chile - Chile
    • Claudio Bonilla - – Universidad de Chile - Chile
    • Gonzalo Gómez Betancourt - INALDE Business School Universidad de la Sabana Colombia
    • Jose Bernardo Betancourt Ramírez – INALDE Business School Universidad de la Sabana – Colombia


2013 FOBI Awards – Sponsored by Grand Valley State University ($5,000 each)

Presented by: J. Kevin McCurren – Grand Valley State University Family Business Center

  1. "Investigative long-term orientation and entrepreneurial orientation in multi-generational family firms"—
    • Justin Craig- Northeastern University
    • Eric Clinton- Dublin City University, and
    • Vanessa Diaz-Dublin City University
  2. "The buck stops here….and here: A study of Co-CEOs in family business"
    • Annette Rahael-George Washington University
  3. "Good Practices in Family Business Governance Structure and Its Impact on Financial Performance"
    • Jorge Isaac Moreno Gomez-CORPORACIÓN UNIVESIDAD DE LA COSTA, Colombia
  4. "Understanding the Effects of the External Environment on Family Firms"
    • Laurel Ofstein- Western Michigan University
    • Derrick McIver- Western Michigan University
    • John Mueller- Western Michigan University


The sponsors for FERC 2013 were:

Thank you for helping make FERC 2013 a special conference.

Special Note:

FERC 2013 would not have been possible without the support of Mr. Rodrigo Castro – Dean of the School of Business and Economics for Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile. Thank you very much for his support and the collaboration of all of his staff in making this version of FERC a reality.

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