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Web Design Considerations

Ideas you want to keep in mind when developing a website relating to accessibility are as follows:

Make accessibility of your site a priority from the beginning. It will be much harder to make the site accessible after you have created it.

Make your site readable. Don't try to be crafty, keep it simple.

Use headings. Screen readers make much more sense if you use a simple heading structure.

Keep your front page or default page as simple and organized as possible.

Caption your videos! Do not put videos on your website unless they are captioned or you provide a transcript.

Include ALT Tags! What's the point in putting images on your site if they are not visible to all?

Online forms...keep them as simple as possible. Screen readers take a long time and forms can time out. Keep your forms simple and to the point.

Most importantly, keep it simple!



Check out this quick tutorial on how to Create Accessible Websites from System Concepts Ltd., July 2011

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