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Useful UVM Websites

Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office website is a great place to find information about current course information (CRN numbers, professors, times, dates and locations etc.) as well as exam schedules. You can browse by College or by Course Category (i.e. Mathematics, Chemistry).

Whenever looking for a course, the easiest and best way to identify it is by CRN. Do this by using the Ctrl + F function/Command + F function. The CRN is a number that defines the class by Course Section. This is helpful because many classes have multiple sections.

When searching for an exam, you can use the Ctrl + F function/Command + F function to search for a CRN number or course code (i.e. MATH, CHEM, ENGS).


The UVM A-Z Guide is a good starting place to find information about UVM. Departments, programs, events and resources can all be found here.

When using the guide, don't get discouraged if you can't find something. Use the search engine in the top right hand corner of the UVM website if you are having trouble.

UVM Directory

Using the Directory is important when trying to attain UVM affiliates information including Name, netID, office location, telephone number, email address, etc.

Tips for Searching: if you want to search for someone via netID/telephone number, click "Show Advanced Options" and enter netID/telephone number in the appropriate field.

If you know someone's first or last name but don't know how to spell it, you can use the asterisk to do a wildcard search.
Example: Looking for: John Smith, but you can't remember if his full name is John, Jonny, Johnathan or Jonathan, or something else...
Type in the Search field: Jo* Smith
Placing the asterisk allows the search engine to search any name starting with Jo. This is called a wildcard search.

Oracle Calendar
This is the web based calendar that you can access from anywhere without installation.

Please see entry on Oracle Calendar for further information.

File Transfer Service

The File Transfer Service is a VERY useful tool when trying to send someone large files (>8MB) or multiple files that you can't send over email.

For more information, see the Forum entry File Transfer Service and Zipping/Compressing Files.

Network ID & Account Management

This is where you can manage accounts you own, as well as your netID password.

Peoplesoft Portal

R-25, Room Assignments

This is where you can check what's going on where on campus at any given time.

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