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Accessible PDF's

PDF's (Portable Document Format) are commonly used in the University setting. However, one of the most frequent issues that occurs with accessibility is also linked to their use. Making a PDF accessible is not difficult. This section will outline a few tips and tricks you can use to make your PDF's accessible.


For a video tutorial on how to make accessible PDF's and Word docs, check out this video created by Timothy Benbow of California State University Fullerton, April 2011! 8 Essentials for Creating Accessible PDF Documents


The best way to make an accessible PDF is to make an accessible word document and export it to PDF. You can do this in Microsoft Word by clicking "File" -> "Save As"

Then under "Save as Type" select PDF.

Before you click "Save" select the "Options" button and check the box "Document structure tags for accessibility"

Image of check box for Document structure tags for accessibility, arrow pointing to 'Save as type' dropdown bar, and circle surrounding Document Structure Tags with checked check box.

Click "OK" then "Save"

This is the fastest and easiest way to make an accessible PDF.

You can also use the same process in Microsoft Word to covert to an HTML file, by selecting "Save as type" and select "Web page, filtered (.htm, .html)"

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