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Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

The following is a list of useful keyboard shortcuts that work in all MS Office products (Word, PowerPoint, Excel....) most Internet Browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari.....) Adobe Reader and most other software on MAC and PC.

CTRL is for PC

The personal Favorite that works in almost every text based program or document is:

CTRL + F / COMMAND + F which is FIND, this will open a text box where you can input any word/name character you want to find in a document or web-page.

Try it now! Hit Ctrl + F and type Hurray!


CTRL + C / COMMAND + C is to Copy what you have selected

CTRL + X / COMMAND + X is to Cut what you have selected

CTRL + V / COMMAND + V is to Paste what you have copied or cut

CTRL + P / COMMAND + P is to Print

CTRL + Z / COMMAND + Z is to Undo whatever was just done

CTRL + A / COMMAND + A is Select All

ALT + TAB / COMMAND + TAB is to Quickly Switch between programs/documents

ALT + F4 / COMMAND + Q is to Force Quit whatever window or program is currently open


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