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How to connect to Shared and Personal Drives from Home

How to connect to Shared and Personal Drives from Home

The "new school" easier way, follow the link below and enter your netID and password.

This will allow you to access your personal shared drive and departments drives like: aspprogs, access, upbound, sss ........the website allows you to upload and downlaod files. You would then edit/read them on your machine.This is ideal for working with small numbers of files- as you will be limited to dragging/dropping one file at a time.

Note: this interface will allow you to drag and drop files from your computer to your shared drive but not whole folders.

The 3 most useful menus
View: You can change the view from thumbnails to a detailed list view
Search: Allows you to search the shared drive based on file name

Simple: Allows you to select and upload 4 files at a time including zip files
Drag and Drop: Allows you to drop files and zips into the table (You can drag and drop files without using the menu, just drag and drop into the main page file list

Once you login, you will see all the shared drives that you belong to on the left, and you can navigate the folders much like you would from a windows computer. See this:

screenshot of new webfiles interface

There are a few ways to interact and manipulate these files- you can right click any file, (or hold down control and click if your 'secondary' button is off in preferences) and select from a list of options, such as download, edit, etc. Also you can drag/drop a file to your desktop, edit it, and then drag/drop it back to where you want it on the shared drive. That last option is definitely the smoothest and easiest- when I attempted to right click, open and edit a file, I was prompted for my password several times from several different UVM sites, and it finally did open the document.  Its MUCH faster to just drag/drop it to the desktop, edit if neccessary, and then drag it back. .

If you encounter errors like this one:

illegal characters error message

File names and folders CANNOT contain "illegal" characters- that is this group of chars ( ) & # %  So please go through your respective folders and files and remove those illegal characters as you find them. It seems to be OK to use characters like _ - though.
* "Download" is the easiest way to use files:

download contextual menu

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