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Filters, Forwarding, and Auto-Reply

Filters can be used to automatically "sort" your inbox.
You can create a filter to put emails from one or many specific email addresses to a specific folder. (so that every time you get an email from Rick Perry you can have it go to a folder with whatever title you desire.)
You can also create Filters for emails over a certain size, or based on a specific subject. (in the ebook email we have used filters to sort out publisher emails and emails containing books to folders to store ebooks, so as not to fill our inbox in an afternoon.)

Forwarding is used to forward all messages sent to your UVM email account to another account of your choosing. (gmail, yahoo, hotmail.......)

Auto Reply
Vacation Auto Reply allows you to set up a temporary auto reply email that is sent to anyone who sends you an email inside the dates you have selected.
The auto message has a default by is fully customizable by you.

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