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Microsoft Word Accessibility Checker

Microsoft word 2010 has a great new accessibility checker that is easy to use, and very effective. It alerts you to potential issues with accessibility within your document, and once if recognizes problems, it offers you suggestions of tools to use within Microsoft Word to fix the issues.

There are three criteria that the checker uses to make recommendations for you, they are as follows:

Error: accessibility errors are given when the document has significant errors that would not enable a person with disabilities to read the document.

Warning: accessibility warnings are given when content would pose difficulties in understanding to someone using adaptive technology to read the document.

Tip: tips are given on content that would suffice for accessibility but could be improved to increase understanding.

When the checker analysis is complete, a box will pop up with each issue. Select an issue and theprogram will make suggestions on how to repair it.


To use the Accessibility Checker:

Click "File" and select "Info"

The second option is "Prepare for Sharing" and there is a button that says "Check for Issues"

Select the "Check for Issues" button, and click "Check Accessibility"

Prepare for Sharing Button

Once you check for assessibility, word will switch back to your main document, and a bar will appear on the right hand side titled "Accessibility Checker". Click through each issue and get advice how to fix it in the "Additional Information" section in the bottom right-hand corner.

Accessibility, check!



To see an example of how to use Microsoft Accessibility Checker, check out this video from Shelton State Community College: Accessible Word documents and PDF's


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