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Captioned Video Content

If you are going to have video content on your website, it MUST be captioned.

Captions must be provided. If you cannot provide captions, a transcript should be place below the video.

Captioning allows the Deaf or hard of hearing student access to the spoken language and the sound effects of a film. Even though the Deaf or Hard of Hearing student may have an interpreter or transcriber in class, it is impossible to watch the interpreter/transcriber and the film at the same time.

Captions benefit many other students as well. Students for whom English is a second language often understand English better when they can hear and read it. For individuals with learning disabilities, being able to both hear and read at the same time can improve comprehension.

For more information, visit UVM's Captioning Website

Additionally, visit the University of Texas A & M's Web Accessibility Website: Video Accessibility


Check out this video presented by YouTube about Captions & Subtitles



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