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Clearing Browser History

Clearing your history/cookies from your web browser is essential when using online forms with students.

For example, if you access an online form with your own netID or a student's netID, the next time you use the form their information will still be entered. You need to clear this information before you try to submit the form again.

Please note that clearing your history will delete all of your saved passwords and user names, so IF YOU DON'T KNOW all of the user names and passwords saved in your history, you must obtain that information BEFOREHAND in order not to lose it during this process.

PC: Firefox
Click the orange "Firefox" tab at the top left of the screen
go to "History"
Select "Clear Recent History"

PC: Google Chrome
Click the wrench in the right hand corner
Select "History"
Select "Edit Items"
Select "Clear all browsing data..."

PC: Internet Explorer
Click the gear in the right hand corner
Go to "Safety"
Select "Delete recent browsing history"

MAC: Firefox
Go to "Tools" in the menu bar
"Clear recent history"
for time range, choose appropriate option (i.e. last hour, last six hours) if none apply, clear all.

MAC: Safari
Select "History" in menu bar
Select "Clear history..."

MAC: Opera
Select "Tools" menu bar
Choose "Delete Private Data"


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