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Android UVM Email

These notes cover the default mail application for the phone. The actual menus and order may vary slightly on different Android Models.

From the Home Screen:
Select the Email icon
Enter your real email address ( and your password, then touch the Manual setup button.
For account type, choose: IMAP Account

For Incoming server settings:
Username: already filled in from the previous screen IF you used your real email address instead of your firstname.lastname alias. If you used your alias, change the Username to your NetID.
Password: already filled in from the previous screen.
IMAP server:
Port: 143
Security type: TLS
IMAP path prefix: should be able to leave empty at this point, but if all mailboxes are not visible later, try mail\

Touch the Next button when finished.

If you receive an error about incorrect name or password, check and retype both if necessary.

Outgoing server settings:
SMTP server:
Port: 587
Security type: TLS
Require sign-in: checked on (green check)
Username: copied already from previous settings
Password: copied already from previous settings

Touch Next.

Email check frequency: Choose Never for manual checking, any desired time for automatic.
Email size: Greater for more content downloaded.

Account name: UVM Email
Your name: Your full name


For more information, visit the ETS website on Mobile Devices:


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