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Alternate Text for Images

Alternate text (alt text) is essentail for blind and visually impaired users of your website.

The basic idea of alternate text is a clear description of what an image is, so when a screen reader sees an image, it can read the alt text and convey to the user what exactly the image is, in content and functionality.

Images need to be described so the user of the website knows what they are. Images that are just "filler" do not need alt text, they can just have "alt = "", which means "null".

With regards to tables that may be present, atl text is not needed, because the title of the table should explain the content of the table.


Painting, Self-Portrait of Van Gogh

Approproate alt text for this image is: "Painting, Self-Portrait of Van Gogh"

Most importantly, be concise. Be descriptive, but not overly so.


For a video on creating atl text in Microsoft word, check out this video from California State University Fullerton on Using Alt Text on Images in Microsoft Word

For a video on creating alt text in HTML code, watch this video on Basic HTML for Web Design : Wed Design Alt Text

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