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Voice interpreters will be provided at all events.

Be sure to check out the WCAX interview that aired a few days ago- this can be seen on the ameslan front page.

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Keynote Presenter: Dr. Carol Padden photo

Keynote Presenter: Dr. Carol Padden
Deaf author and scholar

Tuesday, March 13th 6-9 PM
Davis Center, Grand Maple Ballroom; reception to follow

Abstract: What we learn from sign languages around the world

Studies of European and North American sign languages have been the basis of much of sign language research in the last forty years. Recent work on new sign languages and smaller sign languages in other parts of the world are broadening our view of how the wide variety of human languages. In this talk, Dr. Padden will give examples of our work on a new sign language, as well as what we are learning about how language is assembled from its component parts into a grammatical system.

Dr. Carol Padden received a B.S. (1978) from Georgetown University and a Ph.D. (1983) from the University of California, San Diego, where she is currently a professor in the Department of Communication and associate dean for the Division of Social Sciences.  Her publications include the co-authored volumes Deaf in America: Voices from a Culture (1988), Inside Deaf Culture (2005), two textbooks on American Sign Language, and scholarly articles in such journals as PNAS, the Journal of Linguistics, and the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.

ASL Lunch and Roundtable Discussion

Free Pizza!

Friday, March 16th 11:30AM - 12:30PM
Davis Center, Jost Foundation Room

Topic of discussion: following up Dr. Carol Padden’s keynote speech on sign languages of the world.  Deaf participants will share their experiences traveling to other countries and learning new sign languages.  Come learn a few signs from other countries!
The Hammer Film Cover


ASL Film: "The Hammer"

Monday, March 19th 6-8 PM
Davis Center, 4th floor in Livak (417-419)
Refreshments will be provided

This movie is a coming of age drama following the life of Matt Hamill, the first deaf wrestler to win a National Collegiate Wrestling Championship.  Rated PG-13.





Deaf, Deaf World

Wednesday, March 21st 6-8 PM
Davis Center, Grand Maple Ballroom

In “Deaf, Deaf World,” everyone from the restaurant server to the bank teller, uses American Sign Language.  This event is a great total-immersion opportunity to practice ASL skills or embark on a journey of learning.  At its conclusion, all participants and volunteers will congregate with a facilitator to have the opportunity to share their experiences and insights or to ask questions.  Everyone is welcome, regardless of signing level and experience!

Panel: Deaf Blind Vermonters

Thursday, March 29th 6-8 PM
Waterman, 2nd floor in Memorial Lounge

A panel of DeafBlind Vermonters will share their challenges and experiences being DeafBlind.  By the end of the evening, audience members will come away with a greater understanding and sensitivity of DeafBlindhood.  Life doesn't end when one becomes blind as well as Deaf; life just becomes more interesting.

Two ASL students performing a skit

ASL Skit Night

Wednesday, April 4th 6-8 PM
Davis Center Brennan's Pub stage

Join us for an evening of mime and storytelling at Brennan's Pub at the University of Vermont.  Students from ASL II, ASL IV and ASL VI classes will perform ABC Stories, Fairy Tale Stories with a Deaf “twist,” Deaf jokes and many more!  Meanwhile, other students, interpreters, ASL pros, die-hards, and anyone who can sign are also encouraged to come on stage and give it a try!  Those who do not know ASL or are not comfortable with signing in front of an audience can join us by being our audience members to witness the art of Deaf Culture in action.  Food and drinks will be sold at Brennan's Pub.


Sihn Mark, Deaf Rapper from Finland

Sign Mark, Deaf Rapper from Finland

Saturday, April 14th 8 PM
Higher Ground, tickets at venue or buy tickets online at Higher Ground.

Signmark (a.k.a. Marko Vuoriheimo) was born deaf into a world where music is for the hearing. He pursued his childhood dream and became the first deaf in the world to get a record deal.  He started spreading his message over strong beats where hard, low frequencies and bass are playing a crucial part in his performance.  These elements help him adapt to the rhythm as he proves; music is more than what you can hear!

With the help from his friends and a large group of volunteers, Signmark released the world’s first sign language hip-hop DVD in 2006. The album “Signmark” takes a stand for equality and aims to bring people together. The debut broke prejudices and awakened people.

Signmark was introduced to the mainstream audience and media when he was asked to join the national Eurovision Song Contest. The Finnish people gave their massive support to Signmark who came second in the contest. Due to his success, a record deal with Warner Music followed. He is the world’s first deaf ever to be signed to international major label.

See Signmark's home page:

News for YOU: Signmark coming to USA 2012! from Signmark on Vimeo.