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Deaf Awareness Week 2012


Admission is FREE and open to the public!
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Admission is FREE and open to everyone, including Vermont community members and Deaf community members! The events for Deaf Awareness Week at UVM will occur during the week of September 23-28.

Short-list of Events and Campus Locations:

  • Keynote Speaker: Ashley Fiolek, Champion Deaf Motocross Racer on Monday, September 23 at 6:00 PM in Davis Center – Livak Room
  • ASL Skit Night on Tuesday, September 24, 6:00 PM in Davis Center – Brennan’s Pub
  • ASL Game Night on Wednesday, September 25, 6:00 PM in Living/Learning Commons 315
  • ASL Film: Rustic Lantern’s “Lake Windfall” on Thursday, September 26 at 7:00 PM in Billings, Ira Allen Lecture Hall
  • ASL Brunch & Roundtable Discussion on Friday, September 27 9:00 AM in Davis Center – Jost Room
  • Capital D with Douglas Ridloff on Saturday, September 28 at 7:00 PM in Mann Hall Auditorium, 105

ASL-English Interpreters will be provided at all of the events. If you are seeking additional accommodations, including, but not limited to Deaf-Blind interpreters or English real-time captioning, please email Hannah at ACCESS: no later than September 1st. This deadline will ensure accommodation requests are met.  We can accept requests after the date indicated and we will do our best to meet those needs based on availability of services.

Detailed Info about the Events:
ashley fiolek
Ashley Fiolek, Champion Deaf Motocross Racer
Davis Center Livak Room (4th floor), 6 PM – 8 PM

Ashley Fiolek, 22 years old, is a professional motocross racer.  She was born profoundly deaf and attended the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind.  At the tender age of 7, she began her racing career and eventually went on to be the first deaf person to win an American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) championship.  Since then, she has earned 4 more championships in her 5 years of racing as a pro.  Ashley was the youngest girl to win a championship and also the first person to win a championship in her rookie year.   At the X Games, she was the first deaf person to win a gold medal and has won two medals in the two times that she competed at the X Games.

Ashley now tours the United States giving motivational speeches at Deaf schools.  She has gained national and international fame by making appearances.  First, she was invited to be a presenter at Ted X in Greece and at the American Motorcycle Woman’s conference.  In the publishing world, the national motocross magazine, Transworld, featured Ashley on their cover, the first time a woman has ever done so.  In Vogue, she was the first motocross racer to appear in their magazine.  Ashley published her first book in 2012, Kicking Up Dirt, co-written with journalist Caroline Ryder.  On television, she was invited to be on Conan’s talk show, also the first deaf person to do so.  Ashley is a guest star (as a motocross racer, of course) on ABC’s Switched at Birth.  To date, Ashley Fiolek has broken through many boundaries despite being deaf and being a woman.  She is a positive role model for all.

Davis Center Brennan's Pub (basement), 6 PM - 8 PM

Join us for an evening of mime and storytelling at Brennan’s Pub at the University of Vermont.  Students from ASL II, ASL III, and ASL V classes will perform ABC and Number stories, Visual Vernacular stories, Deaf jokes, and many more!  Meanwhile, other students, interpreters, ASL pros, die-hards, and anyone who can sign are also encouraged to come on stage and give it a try!  Those who do not know ASL or are not comfortable with signing in front of an audience can join us by being our audience members to witness the art of Deaf Culture in action.  Food and drinks will be sold at Brennan’s Pub.

Living Learning Commons 315 (3rd floor), 6 PM - 8 PM

Join us in an evening of ASL games amongst peers and ASL students.  ASL Faculty, Teaching Assistants and ASL V students will be your hosts, which means a good time is guaranteed!  Everyone is welcome, regardless of signing level and experience!


windfall movie cover
Billings, Ira Allen Lecture Hall (basement of Billings), 7 PM - 9 PM

The film, Lake Windfall, provides examples of interactions between deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people.  The plot focuses on five characters in a post-apocalyptic setting.  Told with humor and emotion, this film takes an authentic look at three different types of hearing loss experiences.  While navigating through this tale of awareness and survival, both hearing and deaf people will realize how critical effective communication is to their collective survival.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 27: Brunch & ASL Roundtable Discussion
Davis Center Jost Room (4th floor); join in anytime between 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Topic of discussion: following up Ashley Fiolek’s keynote speech.  All are welcome to share their perspectives, even if you were not able to attend Ashley’s keynote address.  Free bagels and coffee will be provided!


douglas ridloff, performerSATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28: The Capital D Show with Douglas Ridloff
Mann Hall Auditorium, 105; 7 PM – 9 PM 
Q & A after the show

Douglas Ridloff's one-man show celebrates the visual vernacular, a treasured form of storytelling without signs or fingerspelling.  It is cinematic storytelling that allows classifiers, perspective shifts and rhythm to become the main players.  Sit back and enjoy the movies created by his hands!

Douglas Ridloff is an ASL artist, actor, educator, filmmaker and the artistic director of ASL SLAM.  It all began when a Deaf Jewish New Yorker with a penchant for American Sign Language storytelling wanted to bring recognition to the visual vernacular.  After co-producing and performing ASL in the Raw, Ridloff began his own one-man show, Jack of All ASL in 2009. He followed up with Capital D, a mixed-media show that was shown nationally.  Today Ridloff is the artistic director of ASL SLAM, a monthly event that rotates from open mike night to forums to a curated line-up of visiting performers.  Through ASL SLAM and ongoing one-man shows, Ridloff carries the torch for the visual vernacular.

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