THE 010A ~ Introduction to Acting
CRN: 92567

This course begins to answer the questions: How does one effectively persuade an audience of a fictional truth? How does an actor transform him/herself into a character and communicate it to the audience? What is acting? Students participate in exercises to increase self-awareness and heighten perceptions of human behavior, and learn the basics of script analysis and development of vocal and physical skills through practice and performance. Students read Stanislavski and attend a minimum of three productions produced by the Theatre Department.

Requirements Satisfied: Fine Arts
Meets: Tuesday, Thursday 1:00pm-2:15pm
Contact: 802-656-0088,

Sarah Carleton: Associate Professor of Theatre, is a Bikram yoga enthusiast. She loves movement and how it affects the world of the stage, the relationship between audience and actor in performance, and the energy and communion between the two. A certified Actor Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors, Carleton is especially fond of comic fights with found weapons.

THE 095A ~ The Audience and the Critical Eye
CRN: 93828

Theatre is a form of entertainment where the audience is as important as the actor and the script. In this class we, the audience, study the many facets of live performance by attending productions around the Burlington area. We consider how the play text has been translated into performance by analyzing the choices made by directors, actors, designers, and choreographers. We also consider the kinds of questions the performance asks: What ideas of the play are being communicated? How do those ideas express or connect with our time and place? Is the playwright, director, or choreographer trying to communicate a message, and how have the choices made in the production expressed that message? As the audience, together we engage with the makers of theatre and learn how we affect their work. By learning how to be educated audience members, we can better understand what art expects of us.

Requirements Satisfied: Fine Arts
Meets: Monday 4:05pm-6:05pm, plus performances outside the classroom (actual schedule TBA); ticket costs instead of text books (est. $175)
Contact: 802-656-0087,

Lynne Greeley: Associate Professor of Theatre, is a constant traveler with an addiction to Europe. Her favorite places are in the seats of any theatre, in the library buried in the stacks, or on trails that cross borders both of countries or ideas. Her favorite thing is taking students on trips abroad as long as they love and respect other cultures. She specializes in American women in theatre, gender politics, experimental theatres, and the study of culture in general.