PHIL 095B ~ Skepticism: Moral, Theological, and Global
CRN: 93978

Is there reason to believe that there are objective standards of morality and that these standards are knowable by us? Is there reason to believe in God, and in particular in a God who is the author of morality? And most radically, is there reason to believe in a world external to one's own mind, in other people, in one's own body, in what one remembers about the past, and in the pronouncements of science? We'll read and think hard about these questions, but we probably won't figure out (all) the answers!

Requirements Satisfied: one Humanities course
Meets: Tuesday, Thursday 11:30am-12:45pm
Contact: 802-656-4042,

Don Loeb: Associate Professor of Philosophy, specializes in ethics, philosophy of law (with a law degree from the Univ. of Michigan), and political philosophy. An avid hiker, he has recently begun acting and singing (in public!), and developed a fascination with rotten vegetables (especially those found littering the stage after his performances). He has two children, one a (happy) UVM student, and one a young teenage girl especially fond of throwing rotten vegetables.