MU 095A ~ Exploring Songwriting
CRN: 93775

Participants will study current songs, compose and perform original songs, and mentor classmates in this hands-on collaborative course. Guitar or piano skills are recommended but not required, and instruments are available for use. This will be a fun chance for students to express themselves creatively through music in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Requirements Satisfied: Fine Arts
Meets: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:40am-11:30am
Contact: 802-656-7770,

Patricia Riley: Assistant Professor of Music, is the coordinator of the Music Education Program at UVM, and mainly teaches courses in how to teach general classroom music, chorus, and band. Her research interests include student music composition and cultural studies. In the summers she travels with students to places such as India, Mexico, and China to study their music, culture, and education. In her free time she skis, kayaks, and reads novels.