Art and Art History

ARTS 001A ~ Drawing
CRN: 94275

What is Printmaking? What is a multiple? What makes a multiple image different from a drawing? Is Printmaking a fine art or an industrial process? How can we distinguish between the two ... and why does it matter? In this studio class we will combine the unique visual properties of printmaking techniques with an ongoing investigation of visual ideas developed with drawing to better understand the issues involved in visual literacy and expression. In addition, we will consider the history of Printmaking, the dissemination of the multiple within various cultural contexts, and the implications of working with an art form that produces more than one unique object. We will produce a body of work that brings together the related yet distinct attributes of these two disciplines. We will also look at the actual work of artists whose prints have advanced the discipline of Printmaking, through a series of visits to the Print Collection at the Fleming Museum of Art and to Special Collections at the Bailey-Howe Library at UVM. Lab fee: $60.00.

Requirements Satisfied: Fine Arts
Meets: Monday, Wednesday 12:50pm-2:40pm
Contact: 802-656-2014,

Jane Kent: Associate Professor of Art, is an artist whose primary interest is printmaking and drawing. She teaches drawing, silkscreen, and etching in the Art Department. This is her fifth year teaching at UVM and she looks forward to teaching a TAP class.

ARTS 095A ~ Photograph as Document
CRN: 93643

In 1589, Giambattista della Porta wrote of an early camera, "Hence you may, If you cannot draw a Picture of a man or anything else, draw it by this means; if you can but only fix the colors." What does della Porta's statement, made early in the history of photography, convey of differences (perceived or actual) between use of a pencil and use of a lens to represent "man or anything else"? What does it mean to say that a lens (an objective) produces an image that is a document? In what ways does the photographic image continue to function as a document in contemporary usage? This class will read texts examining these questions. Students will write in response to the readings. And, students will create photographs using a range of camera types approximating a historical progression in camera design. Students should own either a film camera or a digital camera. Lab fee $60.00.

Requirements Satisfied: Fine Arts
Meets: Tuesday, Thursday 11:30am-1:20pm
Contact: 802-656-2014,

Thomas Brennan: Associate Professor of Art, was born on Guam; otherwise he is a native of Maine, California, Oregon, Arizona, and Vermont. He is a photographer of biological collections, place, and transience.