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First-Year Experience 2014-2015


HST 095B ~ Revolutionary Ideologies in the Twentieth Century
CRN: 93684

Instructor: Francis Nicosia Raul Hilberg Distinguished Professor of Holocaust Studies; Professor of History More . . .

This is an intellectual history course designed to help students understand some of the significant revolutionary ideas and movements that shaped the history of the twentieth century. The course will examine four revolutionary ideologies and movements in the twentieth century: Marxism-Leninism in the Soviet Union, Fascism in Italy, National Socialism in Germany, and Maoism in China. These modern ideologies, and the movements they spawned, are just four of the many variations that grew out of the eighteenth-century intellectual revolution known as the Enlightenment. Its promise of liberation of the masses and establishment of utopian societies, first attempted during the French and American revolutions in the eighteenth century, remained a key driving force in the history of the twentieth century.

Requirements Satisfied: one Humanities course
Meets: TR 10:00am-11:15am

HST 095C ~ Due North: An Introduction to Canada
CRN: 93688

Instructor: David Massell Professor of History More . . .

Canada is cold, and Canadians play hockey. Beyond this, most Americans know little about our northern neighbor, which is located just 40 minutes north of Burlington by car. In fact, Canada is the United States' largest trading partner and a close political ally, which also holds a richly interesting landscape and national experience. This seminar will introduce a select group of UVM students to Canada. We'll study Canada's unique physical and political geography, history, and political system. Then we'll make a three-day field trip to Ottawa, the nation's capital, to explore Canada firsthand. Upon our return, we will share our observations and artifacts with one another, continuing to explore Canadian culture, art, and literature. Students will emerge from the course with a nuanced understanding of our neighbor to the north, as well as bearing sharpened reading, research, writing, and communication skills. Note: In order to participate in this class, students must have/or obtain a passport no later than October 1, 2014.

Requirements Satisfied: one Humanities course
Meets: W 4:05pm-7:05pm

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