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First-Year Experience 2014-2015

Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies

GSWS 001E ~ D2: Introduction to Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
CRN: 94901

Instructor: Felicia Kornbluh Associate Professor of History and Director of Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies More . . .

If we are to throw off myths, fantasies, and illusions about sex, gender, and sexuality, we must look critically at the cultural institutions and social systems that have shaped us, and look at ourselves as well. Students will be introduced to the study of relationships between women and men and diverse experiences of human sexuality and gender identity. We will explore the way these issues appear in academic fields such as psychology, sociology, economics, literature, art, law, history, and the sciences. Through analysis of the mass media, U.S. history, and contemporary college life, this course asks such questions as: How are gender, sex, sexuality and gender identity created and maintained in mainstream culture? How have social movements challenged mainstream forms of sexual and gender expression? The course introduces the basic vocabulary of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies, exploring the difference between sex and gender, the relationships between gender and social class, sexual orientation, and race, and the meaning of terms such as "transgender" and "homonormative." The class is heavy on discussion, independent thinking, and the analysis of texts.

IMPORTANT: satisfies the University-wide D2 Diversity Requirement but not the CAS D2 Non-European Cultures General Requirement

Requirements Satisfied: one Social Sciences course
Meets: MW 4:05pm-5:20pm

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