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First-Year Experience 2014-2015


GEOG 099A ~ Lives of the Global City
CRN: 93908

Instructor: Pablo Bose Assistant Professor of Geography More . . .

"Cities are where hope meets the street, y'all" said Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, kicking off 2013 TEDCity2.0 conference. But more than urban spaces--where more than fifty percent of the earth's population now resides for the first time in human history--it is global or world-class cities that draw our imagination and so many people from across the planet to them. Yet what does this idea mean? What does the global city look like? How has it been produced and reproduced? In this course we will explore the idea of the global city, not only in its contemporary form, but also through earlier historical periods. We will look at various manifestations and mutations, at failed experiments, reinventions and renewals in both the Global South and Global North. From London, New York, and Paris to Tokyo, Mumbai, and Beijing; from Dubai, Bangalore, and Singapore to Toronto, Dublin, and Sydney; and many more besides, these are the nodes in interconnected networks of capital, labor, resources, and culture. We will explore such flows and patterns of interdependencies with particular attention to issues such as inequality, governance, informality, and social justice.

Requirements Satisfied: one Social Sciences course
Meets: TR 11:30am-12:45pm

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