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Junior Year - Help in Deciding

Please read the requirements carefully. Any and all questions pertaining to these requirements should be directed to Dana Christiansen in the Arts and Sciences Dean's Office,

In choosing whether to pursue an HEC (HON 196) or a section of HON 195, students might find useful the following questionnaire:

If you have identified an area of interest that may lead to a thesis project and are able to identify a specific course in your field of study that would be very valuable to your thesis preparation and/or are very interested in a specific course and motivated to go well above and beyond the standard requirements for that course:

Pursue the HON 196A (1 + 3 credit Coursework HEC) option to fulfill your Junior year HCOL requirement.

If you are currently doing or planning on doing significant supervised research with a tenured or tenure track faculty member (in a lab, in the field, or in the studio):

Pursue the HON 196B ( 3 credit Lab/Studio/Performance Space HEC) option to fulfill your Junior year HCOL requirement.

To clarify, CAS students can fulfill Junior-year HCOL requirements with one of the following combinations:

  • HON 196A & associated course + HCOL 101
  • HON 196A & associated course + HCOL 101 waiver
  • HON 196B + HCOL 101
  • HON 196B + HCOL 101 waiver

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