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Zoofiles - MacOS - Mounting a Volume to your Desktop

If you are on campus, or logged into UVM's VPN client from anywhere AND on a fast network connection, you can mount a network drive to your Zoofiles storage space. Here's how:

  1. Select Connect to Server... from the Go menu in the OS X Finder. The following window will open:
    Map a network volume connect window
  2. In the Server Address field enter:
    replacing "youruvmnetid" with your own UVM netID. If you are unsure as to what your UVM netID is look yourself up on the UVM Online Directory. Your UVM netID is listed at the bottom of your contact information.
    NOTE: If you are running MacOS X version 10.3.x or earlier you should enter:
  3. Then click Connect.

If you've done everything correctly you should see an icon appear on the Desktop matching your UVM netID name and a window will open showing you the contents of your personal directory on Zoo:
Mounted network volume Zoo

You may then copy files to and from the mounted volume as if it was an external drive.