University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

CAS Computer Replacement Program FY 2014

ITAP Information for Chairs and Directors

DEADLINE for submissions to CAS Computing Services is Monday December 2, 2013

How to submit a departmental request
  1. Complete the spreadsheet sent to you from CAS Computing Services including missing serial numbers, eligible employees who have "slipped through the cracks" and ineligible computer needs (listed on the second "page" of the spreadsheet). If you misplace the spreadsheet we provided, please contact CAS Computing. If you were not provided with a request sheet (because CAS Computing did not identify any of your employees as eligible) but need one, you can download a blank copy from here (login required).
  2. Please fill in all the requested fields and prioritize your list on a scale from 1 (highest) to 3 (lowest). Prioritizing all of your requests as High (1) will force us to impose our own prioritization on your requests, so please give us something to work with.
  3. Lastly have each eligible person select an appropriate configuration from the configuration list and indicate that selection by its number on the spreadsheet. Should someone's needs exceed that of the standard configuration, please put them in touch with CAS Computing Services to discuss other options.
  4. Upload the complete spreadsheet to the CAS Computing Sharepoint site Drop Box.
Standing Policies
  • One College purchased computer per eligible person
    Every eligible employee is entitled to just one College purchased computer. Eligiblity is based upon the most recently purchased computer paid for by UVM funds.
  • This is a replacement program; you do not get to keep your old computer, period.
  • Computers for people, not for positions, temporary employees, student use or labs
    We cannot afford to use ITAP funds to purchase computers for student labs, for faculty or staff paid exclusively out of a grant or for temporary employees. Likewise we cannot afford to provide new computers for lecturers. Please list those people not directly eligible for ITAP funding on the "second sheet" of the ITAP request form.
  • Computers cannot leave campus except temporarily
    Obviously in the case of laptop computers, a given computer will leave campus from time to time. However we cannot allow the new computer to go home, leaving the old computer on campus for CAS Computing to continue to support. The goal of this program is to control the size and age of our existing installed base. If we allow old computers to remain in place, or go home, or allow new computers to go home, the installed base quickly becomes unmanageable. In addition there is a security liability in the form of FERPA protected student information on these computers and the more these machines are away from campus, the more likely they are to be lost or stolen.
  • CAS Computing provides one each of all adapters necessary to use the computer in the average office and classroom. All other peripherals and extras are at departmental expense. If you lose any of the provided adapters, replacements are also a departmental expense.


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