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CAS Computer Replacement Program FY 2014

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The CAS Computer Replacement Program

What Is It?

The CAS Computer Replacement Program (formerly known as the IT Annual Purchase) is the method by which the College maintains its investment in computing equipment using central College funds. The intent of the program is to replace aging or obsolete computers (which is the item most needed by the majority of faculty and staff).

Please note that this is not an entitlement program. Funding for computer replacement is limited and there are no guarantees that every eligible computer will be replaced with a given year. We stretch the funding as far as we can over the maximum number of people we can.

How do I make a request?

Speak to your Department Chair or Administrator. Department Chairs and Administrators will be sent a list of those we know are eligible for a new machine. You should verify whether you are on that list or not.

First determine if your computer is eligible for replacement. For ITAP 2014 your computer is eligible for replacement if it matches the following two conditions:

1) The machine was new when it came to you (i.e., was not repurposed out of a previous ITAP cycle)


2) The machine will be at least four years old as of September, 2013 (i.e., Must have been delivered by the Computer Depot or CAS Computing Services prior to September 1, 2010).

In general this means that if you currently have a Dell Latitude E6500 laptop, a Dell Optiplex 780D desktop computer, a 21.5" iMac Late 2009 desktop computer, a Macbook Pro 13" Mid 2009 laptop or older and are a full time employee, your computer is eligible for replacement (but this is NOT a guarantee that it will be replaced)..

To assist you in determining your eligibility, we have created a web page of instructions.

When should I make my request?

Requests are taken during October and November and are then compiled and the results are delivered to Department Chairs before winter break.

This year's deadline for requests to your department chair or administrator is Thursday, November 21, 2013.

What's the catch?
  • Not everyone is eligible: the Purchase is open only to tenure track faculty, senior lecturers and base budget staff. We are unable to fund new computers for lecturers, students, GTFs, grant funded or temporary employees under this program.

  • Not every eligible employee gets a replacement computer: funding is tight and we routinely are unable to fund all eligible requests, so please don't bank on getting a new machine. And, make sure that your chair understands your situation so that he or she can properly prioritize you in relation to other eligible people in your department. If you are having issues with your current computer, bring them to our attention now rather than waiting for the results of this program.

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