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CAS Computing Services now offers remote support. During normal business hours, we can connect to your computer and fix issues immediately

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Welcome CAS Faculty and Staff

The College of Arts and Sciences Computing Services Office was founded in the fall of 1992.  Our mission is to provide dedicated Information Technology support services to the faculty and staff of the College.

Located at 589 Main Street, aka Nolin House, the Computing Services Office consists of four professional support staff.

Our Staff

Andrew Hendrickson, CAS IT Administrator

Beth Wilkins, CAS Online Content Coordinator

Justin Howard, CAS IT Assistant

Michael George, CAS IT Assistant

Online Request
Telephone (802)656-7971
Fax (802) 656-4529
Mailing UVM, College of Arts and Sciences
Computing Services Office
589 Main Street
Burlington, VT 05405

CAS Computing Svs FAQs

Can’t print a full CATS Report from MyUVM?

31 October 2013, 3:12 pm

We’ve heard some reports of people having trouble printing CATS reports from MyUVM.  In a nutshell, the problem is that the  report is around 13 pages long but when printed from MyUVM they only get the first page. This is because MyUVM uses a website structure called a frameset, which basically means that the single […]

Evildoers like Macbooks, Thwart Them with “Find my iPhone”

15 August 2013, 4:24 pm

Apple offers a special “Find my iPhone” option as a part of their free iCloud cloud storage and backup service.  Despite it’s name, you can use this tool to locate most of Apple’s product line, including your Macbook. Setting up “Find my iPhone” To activate this feature you first must establish an Apple ID.  If […]

Do you know what “University Protected Information” is?

29 August 2012, 1:45 pm

I’m guessing that you probably don’t know exactly what we mean when we say “University information” in a security related discussion.  This is because the definitions are buried in the fairly recently published University Information Security Policy and just like End User License Agreements, nobody likes to read policy statements until we have to. Those […]