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Dean's Office Staff

Dean and Associate Deans

Antonio Cepeda-Benito -- Dean -- Antonio.Cepeda-Benito@uvm.edu
See Dean Cepeda-Benito's faculty profile on the Psychology Department Website
(Students, please use <cas@uvm.edu> to communicate with the dean)

Joel Goldberg -- Associate Dean -- joel.goldberg@uvm.edu
Curriculum; graduate and cross-college programs; PEP, TAP, AIM, HCOL and College Honors programs; Individual Design majors and minors; advising/June Orientation programs; facilities; course/room scheduling; student success, first-year and transfer student experiences; supports natural sciences and humanities
See Associate Dean Goldberg's faculty profile on the Chemistry Department website.

John Burke -- Associate Dean -- John.P.Burke@uvm.edu

Enrollment management, diversity recruitment, faculty support programs, APLE/Suiter Awards, Admissions/ASV Day programs, UA/Personnel, lecturer hiring, supports social sciences and fine arts.

See Associate Dean Burke's faculty profile on the Political Science Department website.

Office Staff -- Main Phone (802) 656-3166, Main Email: cas@uvm.edu

Sally Knight -- Assistant to the Dean -- Sally.Knight@uvm.edu
Dean's calendar, mail, correspondence; faculty meetings; Sabbaticals; RPTs; Nominations and Elections and Faculty Standards Committee support

Sally Bartlett -- Administrative Assistant -- Sally.Bartlett@uvm.edu
Front desk coverage; scheduling of meetings for Dean, Associate Deans; Dean's Lecture and Full Professor Lecture Series; faculty and student awards; 438 College maintenance issues; regalia

Andy Comtois -- Administrative Assistant -- Andrea.Comtois@uvm.edu
Front office and business office support

Sarah Gilmore -- Administrative Process Coordinator -- sarah.gilmore@uvm.edu
Dean’s Office communications; oversight of faculty workloads and annual evaluations; chair's and director's meetings; publications

Craig Wells -- External Relations Officer -- craig.wells@uvm.edu
 E-news; Foundation Liaison and CAS weekly gift reports; CAS major events; publications

Finance & Administration -- Main Email: casbiz@uvm.edu

Linda Burnham -- Business Operations Manager -- (802) 656-2004 -- linda.burnham@uvm.edu
Oversight of all financial, budgetary, and human resource activities for College

Amer Mujezinovic -- CAS Business Office Assistant -- (802) 656-4103 -- amer.mujezinovic@uvm.edu
Business Office support; scheduling of meetings for Business Operations Manager; day to day HR and financial transactions and contact for general Business Office questions and information.

Sandy Bermanzohn -- CAS Business Office Analyst -- (802) 656-1451 -- Sandy.Bermanzohn@uvm.edu
Specialized financial, budget and HR analysis, planning and data management. Contact for autoreporting, awards, gifts and endowments.

Renee Berteau -- CAS Business Office Financial Administrator -- (802) 656-3753 -- renee.berteau@uvm.edu
Contact for financial and grant issues for College of Arts & Sciences departments and programs.

Molly Nilan -- CAS Business Office HR Administrator -- (802) 656-3182 -- Molly.Nilan@uvm.edu
Contact for human resource issues for College of Arts & Sciences departments and programs.

Student Affairs -- Main Phone (802) 656-3344, Main Email: cas@uvm.edu

Patty Corcoran -- Assistant Dean for Student Affairs -- patricia.corcoran@uvm.edu
Oversees the division of student affairs

Judy Barber -- Academic & Student Services Advisor -- judith.g.barber@uvm.edu
Advisor, Financial Aid Appeals contact,  Transfer Student Coordinator

Dana Christiansen -- Student Services Representative -- Dana.Christiansen@uvm.edu
Student Service Representative, Honors, student records specialist and work-study coordinator

Elizabeth (Libby) Dunbar -- Academic & Student Services Advisor -- elizabeth.dunbar@uvm.edu
Advisor, ALANA, Admissions, Visitation Programs, Scholarships

Kathleen (Kathy) Floyd -- Academic & Student Services Advisor -- kathleen.floyd@uvm.edu
Advisor, curriculum, catalogue, Washington Semester program

Mark Hall -- Academic & Student Services Advisor -- mark.hall@uvm.edu
Seniors, A&S Degree Requirements, CATS Audits, Study Abroad, Dual-Degree Advisement, Graduation Certification

Sarah Helmer -- CAS Honors & Student Services Advisor -- sarah.helmer@uvm.edu
Student Advisor, liaison with Counseling Center, end-of-term grade review

Lise Larose -- Academic & Student Services Advisor -- lise.larose@uvm.edu
Advisor, enrollment management, Orientation, course/room scheduling

Doreen Taylor -- Academic & Student Services Advisor -- Doreen.Taylor@uvm.edu
Advisor, Pathway program and international education liaison, veterans, curriculum matters, research and analysis, publications

Amelia Wilcox -- Student Services Representative -- amelia.wilcox@uvm.edu
Student Service Representative, student records specialist

Information Technology -- Main Phone (802) 656-7971, Main Email: a-s.computing@uvm.edu

Andrew Hendrickson -- CAS IT Administrator -- andrew.hendrickson@uvm.edu
Computer consultation, support, set-up, troubleshooting and training; contact for CAS purchasing programs; "webmaster" for CAS website

Justin Howard -- CAS IT Assistant -- justin.howard@uvm.edu
Computer consultation, support, set-up, troubleshooting and training; specializes in MacOS computer teaching labs

Beth Wilkins -- CAS IT Assistant -- Beth.Wilkins@uvm.edu
Computer consultation, support, set-up, troubleshooting and training; specializes in Windows-based computer teaching labs

Language Resource Center, Main Email: Language.Resource.Center@uvm.edu

Vincent Pelletier -- LRC Director -- Vincent.Pelletier@uvm.edu
Technology in language learning

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