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Women Of Color Leadership Retreat

Interested in Participating? Fill out the application here by 11:59 pm Friday, OCTOBER 19, 2012. WOCLR logo
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Retreat Vision Statement:

To build a community for Women of Color where there is freedom from fear to be yourself, to express your mind, multiple intelligences and identities through discovering leadership. A place to empower, find meaning, healing, love, and trust in ourselves and each other. To help you see the leader within and give voice to the inner and outer depths of yourself, in order to shift the paradigm of leaders today and tomorrow. To bring light to those unsung leaders in our lives, all women of distinction.

The theme this fall: Unearthing Leadership: Redefining the Masks We Wear

We will delve deeper into what this means and who you are as a woman of color as well as who you would like to become. It is a term that is derived from the Haitian culture to describe powerful local women that drive the global economy as well as the center of the community.

CHECK OUT WOCLR ON FACEBOOK: WOCLR FACEBOOK IMAGE LINK Questions about the Women of Color Leadership Retreat? Please contact us at or (802) 656-3816. Sponsors: The ALANA Student Center (ASC) fully supports the holistic development of ALANA (African, Latino(a), Asian, and Native American) and Bi/Multiracial students so that as confident students of color they attain their goals for academic achievement, personal growth, identity formation, and cultural development. TheWomen's Center values and celebrates the multiplicity of women's lives; recognizes the intersections of gender, race, sexual orientation, economic status, and other significant aspects of individual and cultural identity; accepts responsibility for opposing injustice; and commits itself to service to the University and larger communities. Retreat Planning Committee: Beverly Colston, Sara Blair, DeMethra LaSha Bradley, Sonia David, Vanessa Santos Eugenio, Yolanda Jordan, Leslye Kornegay, Louise Leu, Henrietta Marcella Menzies, LuAnn Rolley, Candace Taylor, Marie Vea, and Sydnee Viray.

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