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Campus Life

Our students value their academic experiences, and they view out-of-classroom experiences as life-changing and important. UVM students are involved in any of more than 150 campus organizations, they are passionate about service, sports, the arts, the environment and their communities.

What's it like here? Meet UVM students

You've heard it from us, now hear it from them. These students give insight into the intangible about UVM — the qualities about the university that draw together top students and professors in pursuit of knowledge, innovation and the complete college experience.

Meet this year's bloggers

Meet Mike

Mike, '12
wildlife & fisheries biology major
Worcester, MA

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Meet Emma

Emma, '12
global studies major
West Newbury, MA

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Meet Ben

Ben, '12
public communications major
Marblehead, MA

Read Ben's blog

Meet Amanda

Amanda, '12
public communications major
Rochester, NH

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Meet Alyssa

Alyssa, '13
major undeclared
Rutland, VT

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Past bloggers and student profiles/movies

Meet Alain

business administration major
Stamford, CT

Read Alain's blog

Meet Owen

mechanical engineering major
Northampton, MA

Read Owen's blog

Meet Ryan

economics and political science major
Madbury, NH

Read Ryan's blog

Meet Christine

studio art major
Bedford, MA

Read Christine's blog

Meet Seth

business major
Marietta, GA

Read Seth's blog

Meet Francy

public communication, environmental studies major
Shelbyville, KY

Read Francy's blog

Meet Ben

community international development major
Wilmette, IL

Read Ben's blog

Meet Julia

sociology, history major
Califon, NJ

Read Julia's blog

Meet Julia

anthropology major
Canton, CT

Read Erica's blog

Meet John

animal science major
Newport, RI

Learn more about John's experience

Meet Alicia

self designed major
Jeffersonville, VT

Learn more about Alicia's experience

Meet Amy

physics major
Keene, NH

Learn more about Amy's experience

Meet Nat

environmental sciences major
Hudson, OH

Learn more about Nat's experience


mechanical engineering major,
Plattsburgh, NY

Learn more about Dave's experience


anthropology major,
Putney, VT

Learn more about Colin's experience