Meet UVM Students

John Pigott

Video Transcript

The main reason why I ended up coming to this school was because I was interested in veterinary medicine, and I was interested in kind of seeking out a pre-veterinary track.

You know the course work is just at such a higher level, you know, it's such a… it's really, really challenging.

I kind of thrive a little bit off of the challenge of it. You know I've looked to take courses that really, really push myself, and you know, they're very demanding. You know you just have to kind of jump into it, and give it your all, basically.

There's a couple of thing that I really get from riding. First off, it really provides me a kind of escape from school and, you know, rigorous course schedules, everything. Just gives me like a couple of hours where I can just clear my mind.

Two years ago I won a class at the IHSA Nationals called the Cacchione Cup, which is basically a class you have to qualify for, and it's a class composed of the best intercollegiate riders in the country. As part of my winnings for that they gave me a grant to go compete with the United States student riding team in Europe and around the world.

Betsy Green, Dr. Betsy Green, she is my Animal Science advisor and she has done so much more than advising. She's very supportive of my riding and she's been keeping me on track for vet school and making sure I'm taking appropriate classes. I mean I don't think I could have found a better person to kind of help guide me through college.

She's been great. She's a great friend.

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