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Colin Robinson

Video Transcript

Looking at cultural anthropology, the living culture, the way people interact, both locally and globally, it just hit right on the head, what I wanted to do. That was it, and it was partly also because of the professor I had.

His name is Luis Vivanco, and he's a young professor. It's just one of those things: I got into his classroom and it was so engaging and stimulating and also really, really demanded a lot, and that's one thing I appreciate the most.

I got here to UVM and I quickly got involved in Students for Peace and Global Justice. We're doing a lot of stuff around fair trade and workers' rights, both on and off campus, as well as globally. Later this month we're bringing some Bangladeshi garment workers to talk about their experiences.

There's this new sub-field of anthropology and cultural anthropology that's emerging that's actually called "activist anthropology," and so I'm starting to look at that and see if that is a way I might want to go.

Activism for me, it's just something that really is just kind of part of who I am and how I want to shape the world and create a world that is beyond UVM, beyond Vermont, beyond the United States. And that's very idealistic, of course, but, you know, you have to start somewhere.

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