Meet UVM Students

Alicia Turner

Video Transcript

I grew up in Jeffersonville, VT, which is about an hour northeast of here. I wanted to go to school where I had access to the outdoors and really be connected to the earth in some way.

I actually lived on the Honors floor of Harris-Millis, which is, you know… you actually apply to live on the floor.

It was an easy transition because I found people that I could connect with real easily, and I think that it helped me. In that way it helped me transition more easily because I was surrounded by people with similar ideas, similar ways of studying.

The people that I lived with my Freshman year I'm still friends with today.

For me, learning is a fun thing and something and something that I want to do. My education is so connected to my life that they go together really well.

I think it's been a powerful experience because I've learned how to communicate and create relationships with people that I might not have known how to do before, and just be on my own and, you know, learn how to support myself.

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