Amy works on a physics problem set with her fellow students

About Amy

Keene, NH
Division I sports played:
Skiing, soccer
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Our Students: Amy

Amy might not know exactly what she wants to do with her physics major. But she does know that she loves being part of UVM's Division I ski team. She's sure that she has made invaluable, life-long friends through her participation in athletics and through her academic department. Amy appreciates the creativity of soccer: "When you get that ball there's not a set thing to do….there's so many things you can do and it's all your decision."

These are Amy's years to figure things out. She can dribble if she wants, she can pass the ball, she can play soccer, ski race or both. Amy can be a physics major and not know exactly what she wants to do with it; UVM provides the perfect backdrop for this exploration — for creating your own best life.

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