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Engineering programs and facilities

This is Votey Hall, which is home to the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences. We have four different kinds of engineering at UVM. We have civil, environmental, mechanical, and electrical. The engineers work very, very, very hard at UVM. Votey is open 24 hours a day. Those students have access to it 24 hours a day, and some students do stay there all night long. They also have awesome facilities, in terms of a soils lab, a structures lab, a hydrologics lab; and they actually have a wind tunnel, where they test their experiments, which is really awesome. There are also a ton of undergraduate students either a part of research or heading up research, which is really unique to UVM because we have 10,000 undergraduate students but only 2,000 graduate students. So, a lot of the state research funding gets to go to the undergrads. Even if you're not in the math and science realm, you can still apply for some research money to do some kind of endeavor that you're interested in.

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