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First floor of the Davis Center

The first floor is kind of like Grand Central Station. It's extremely busy during class change times, because students are running in between classes. They have really comfortable study areas down there, they have a fish tank with all the Finding Nemo characters. There's the Cat Pause convenience store, and that's where you can use your CAT$cratch. And you put money onto your student ID card or your CATcard, and you can it anywhere on campus or downtown at local shops, restaurants, cab services.

There is Brennan's Pub, which is my favorite place to eat on campus. It's 98% local, organic food. That is where I tried my first-ever hamburger--that's because it was local and organic, and absolutely delicious. They also have sweet potato fries and maple milkshakes; they also have various concerts and a pub quiz night during the week, they sometimes have karaoke night, which is kind of painful to listen to... but, it's still a great place to go.

There's also Growing Vermont, which is a completely student-run business on campus. Community entrepreneurship majors came up with the business plan a few years ago, and they continue to run the business. They get all local Vermont vendors, so it's a great place to grab a souvenir from Vermont. Across from that is the CATcard office, where you can get your CATcard when you come as a for-year student. And if it's ever lost or stolen, that's where you would replace it. Next to that is the print and copy station, which is where you can send packages, send mail, get stamps, print and copy basically anything and everything.

And across from that is the coolest club ever--FeelGood--where we sell our incredible gourmet grilled cheeses. We have everything from the Cheesus Loves Me--which is my favorite sandwich, which is spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, honey mustard, barbecue sauce (and, I add apples as a special ingredient, because it absorbs all the juices, and you bite into it and it's just... unreal). Also, the Shelburne Sandwich, which is a whole bunch of veggies and salt and pepper. Our sandwiches sell for $4, which helps end someone's hunger for a half a year--it's that easy. We typically raise $28,000 per year towards a sustainable end of hunger in our lifetime. And as FeelGood as a whole has raised $1.2 million to go towards sustainable end of hunger.

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