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Hilary Hickingbotham ’14

Mechanical engineering major, employed at UTC Aerospace before graduation

Hilary Hickingbotham ’14

"The comforts of Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, yams, pumpkin pie. For a college senior there is often something else on the table not so comforting. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Uncle Ted’s question: 'So, what’s next for you after graduation?' "

Anticipating that seat-squirmer traditionally results in a surge of visits to the UVM Career Center in November, says Pamela K. Gardner G’85 ’02, the center’s director. But while an initial visit during autumn of senior year is certainly preferable to spring semester finals week, the ideal transition to the working world begins long before—even as soon as when undergrads first set foot on campus. That idea is nothing new. But fresh initiatives, and greater investment in staff and programs are swiftly transforming how aggressively that message is communicated to UVM students and the help they receive in putting it into action. The enhancements implement a study and recommendations spearheaded by Honors College Dean Abu Rizvi at the direction of President Tom Sullivan.

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