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What happens to students after they graduate?

That’s a question worth asking of every school you’re considering. The answer for UVM is: good things. Click on the videos below for the specifics.

Robyn Suarez

After UVM: Fulbright Scholarship in Malasia

Major: English

Nicholas Dove

After UVM: Federal Bureau of Land Management

Major: Environmental Science

Bijoux Bahati

After UVM: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Major: Social Work

Baldwin Delgado

After UVM: PriceWaterhouseCooper

Major: Accounting and Management Information Systems

Payal Desai

After UVM: Columbia University

Major: Exercise and Movement Science

James Vallely

After UVM: Morgan Stanley, Shanghai

Major: Finance

Liz Sander

After UVM: University of Chicago

Major: Math, Biology

David Zhang

After UVM: Stanford University

Major: Mechanical Engineering

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