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Transcript: Josh Bongard on UVM’s world class research and why it matters to undergraduates

One of the things that brought me to UVM was to be a member of this very talented faculty. There are lots of exciting researcher doing great work. A lot of them are very very talented. They tend to publish in world renowned journals. They attract t a lot of internationally competitive research funding. And they also do interdisciplinary work, which is a real emphasis here at UVM both at the faculty level and at the university level.

As I've mentioned, there's a lot of world class research going on here at UVM, and often there's the question about what does that matter to an undergraduate ... on campus? There's two reason why it matters. The first one is that UVM being a smaller university, a lot of the research that these faculty are doing, they bring that into the undergraduate classroom and undergraduates actually see some of this cutting edge research in their classes. The other side of that is that a lot of undergraduates are invited to take part in the research actually in the laboratory. So I have a number of undergraduates who are working with me here in the lab on various robotics projects.

The benefit of being exposed to actually participating in research while you're an undergraduate on campus is very important for when you got out and look for a job. Obviously it's a very competitive atmosphere out there at the moment. Employers are looking for young people coming out of colleges that can think outside the box that have experience with research and in particular experience with interdisciplinary research that I mentioned before.

Also, there's an obvious benefit to getting involved in research as an undergraduate if you want to go on in grad school. Obviously there the emphasis is on research, and having already demonstrated that you can get involved and conribute positively as an undergraduate speaks volumes about your potential to do so as a graduate, so it really puts you above the competition in applying for graduate school if you already have the experience in research.

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